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Thought that title might get your attention.

As you know by now, I always love hearing how couples met. Especially the really good couples who are just great together.

So I was hanging out in New York with an awesome couple, post-amazing tango performance at a cute little trattoria with original New York Mafioso Italian staff. Apart from being a fantastic pianist, George  is a serious tango dancer.

UntitledAs the night and wines wore on, I asked George how he met Eddie. Actually, wrong, I asked where he met Eddie..

George: We met at Cock.

Purple Frock: Cock? (slight blush)

George: Yes, Cock.
Eddie: It’s a bar called cock…it has a rooster out the front…

Described as nymetro as a “grimy, black-walled, low-ceilinged, graffiti’d dive on Avenue A, identified from the street only by a red neon rooster, was almost always packed with sweaty men smoking (long after the ban), dancing, ogling the go-go boys” with super gay celebrities known to frequent such as Boy George and George Michael. The original Cock bar was closed down, reopening as “The Cock” on 2nd ave, a self-described “rock and sleaze fag bar”.

The mildest review was that “the vodka was the worst I ever drank, too strong, too cheap”, you can read the rest here.

I’m not sure if it’s still open. But George and Eddie are just wonderful, and I’m glad that Cock brought them together. So to speak.

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