A temporary blonde.

Sixxdog76: Searching for my pierced nose Angel.

Studying full time, done my rebound time and looking for a woman to inspire me.
I’d really like to date a surfer because she is comfortable doing her own thing independent of “us”.

I absolutely will never date a blonde. Ever. It’s not personal, it would just be awkward when you can’t get me hard.
I love strong women with goals and drive. I love being surrounded by women who understand there are two in a couple and not somebody’s “other half”. Translation, I don’t do needy.
Be you, be real, I only want to see you. Xx

Sixxdog76: I would absolutely love to chat. I think you could inspire me. P.s., I’ve never even driven a 4WD. I would absolutely love to discuss your PhD, please tell me your story.

Purple Frock (I’ve got enough to do without inspiring your ass, inspire yourself! ) Sorry, I’m a blonde. All the best with your search (translation – your profile completely disgusts me. F*** off out of my inbox).

Sixxdog76: Really? Ok, you too.  (Purple Frock: he swallowed that? I’m clearly not a blonde).

10 min later.

Sixxdog76: Out of curiorsity, what is your doctorate?

Purple Frock:  No reply. Ever. Give up dude.



Hiatus – seizing / siezing the moment

Dear Purple Frockers,

You might have noticed that I’ve been having a break from dating. It’s been WONDERFUL. Better said, a break from trying to find someone that I would like to date. I’ve been having such a nice a holiday from expensive and disappointing nights out, spending time emailing randoms, and strange strangers over coffee. While I’m sure soon I’ll be ready to launch myself back into Dating again, this profile is a reminder of why it’s been so refreshing to just hang in my weird but lovely little world.

Yes I am looking for a relationship but realistically all real good relationships start as friends that meet and it grows…
anyone with life experience knows this.

I am not your knight in shining armor. You are delusional if you think that will happen.

You are not a princess. Tick tock lady… anyone over 40 is well beyond princess.

You have very little social value left and your s*xual currency is diving through the floor at a rapid rate of knots.

If you think things are going to turn back time I have a stem cell cream to sell you but I don’t hence my title is realist.

I won’t date over weight women that look like an auntie that has seen the wars.

If you have a fish photo in your library IE you looking like a fish with the pout and all you might get a good laugh out of me.

Do you think outside of the box at all? Great … continue

I am here to meet women that are not drama queens and are here to meet an equal that will treat them equal.

I expect you to be loyal. Not a few extra pounds as that is just lazy and you must be feminine and beautiful.

I don’t want a masculine feminine character as that is so boring it’s barely worth mentioning.

If this sounds like something that makes sense to you then great… hit message now and write.

Making me a favorite or saying yes you will meet me won’t make me write to you.

Take action… click message and let’s see if we have anything in common.

If we do… we could grow from there… sieze the moment.

Right Now.

Might I add that this man is nearly 50 (tick tock yourself), and no god either (carrying a few extra pounds, of course). If you think I’m going to reply to your pathetic email, or that your motorbike will impress me, then you are more deluded than I. Oh, and by the way, you can’t spell seize. Consider yourself deleted!