Man drought – or are girls looking in the wrong places?

If you believe what the Courier Mail has to say, Australia is suffering from a “man drought”. Apparently most girls look for guys fitting the “bad boy grunge”, “gym guys”,  “macho men” and “gentlemen”, and my favourite, “bush bogans” who spend their weekends crocodile wrestling and bull catching. If you’re in the 25-34 years category, there are apparently 1.3 million single women versus 86,000 straight, single men in the same age bracket who earn $60,000 a year. What that means for those of us over 34 I don’t know – and since when was earning $60,000+ a must-have in a partner, especially for those of us in the arts world?

The McCrindle reports show that times are tough along the East Coast, with Brisbane hit hard too. Spring Hill is listed as having an overabundance of single men, but I think most of them aren’t interested in girls :)


 My take on it is this. Guys in Brisbane at least don’t tend to go for the dating “activity” kind of nights organised by women. Chances are that if you go to a singles painting class, the only people that will turn up are single girls looking for single guys, even if there if plenty of wine is promised and guys pay $0 instead of the $50 that the girls have to cough up. True story.  That night the only men present were partnered up with the owners. There was zero flirting or distractions, so we all managed to produce a painting that vaguely looked like artwork, and even more incredible, kinda like Brisbane’s Story Bridge, which it was meant to.  Same story at a singles cooking night – women paid and were encouraged to scratch around to find a male friend who could come for free to boost the numbers.

For rotating dinners promising matched numbers of men and women, women have to book in fast. For any kind of “single volunteers” night, cooking for the hungry and homeless, the waiting list for charitably minded women seeking socially aware men will be long, while any males drifting past the building will be lured inside and eagerly snapped up. 

Are girls too eager? Making so much effort going to all these useless (and expensive) dating nights? Should there be more “Beer, football and babes” nights (although we might get ignored if the footy’s on). I could move to the NT or WA, or to some of those mining towns overfilled with crocodiles and bush bogans, but….  I’d rather wait for a metro type to leave the house. What happened to meeting people through friends of friends, like in the olden days? At the end of the day, a girl doesn’t need a flood of men, just one good one. 

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