Unlucky Bastard: Encounter with Psycho Girl # 2

A little scarred by his first eHarmony experience involving a drunk stalker and the police involved (read more here), Unlucky Bastard persevered, and the following weekend attempted his next eHarmony date. Again, he went out with a nice enough, wholesome, seemingly normal girl. They had an okay but unexceptionable night, no fluttering or beating hearts, no lingering kiss goodnight.

The next day, he received a photo of (now) Psycho Date no 2 in her bikini. What the? ¬†This was totally out of character from what he knew so far. Then appeared a photo of Psycho Date no 2’s bikinied torso, without her head (she didn’t quite look like the girl below but you get the idea). In ¬†Australia, we call someone a prawn if they have a great body but a disposable face. But portraying yourself this way? He was pretty weirded out, and as is his fashion, ignored all further texts and communication attempts.

This poor guy needs a normal date, can anyone help out?

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