Dating Agencies: Epic Double Fail

I’m not sure if I believe in the Universe, but nevertheless today the Universe gave me two kicks up the butt.

First of all, after many phone calls and emails, I managed to get a refund on a dating agency which has been consistently impressive in avoiding any kind of contact, let alone setting up dates. After nine months and a supposed value of $4,500 (admittedly I didn’t pay that) I have met a total of zero people, including anyone in the office. They were so bad that I will go ahead with a name and shame. You and I Introductions – do stay clear. There’s a lot of money to be made in people looking for love, and they’re doing very well at it.

The second was this email from a Dating Agency who I do in fact believe in:

Dear Purple Frock,

Sorry I have been off air. I have some bad news. My business partner, Virginia has taken all my money. Every cent. I am trying legal avenues to reclaim some but it’s very difficult with no money. Even though X is no longer a company, I still had every intention of finding you someone wonderful. Please understand at the moment business is somewhat paused. I cannot even afford to pay my phone bill. Once things are back on track I will resume matchmaking. I am now looking for paid work so I can feed my family but will continue to do matchmaking in my spare time. I really regret what has happened to me & most especially how it is affecting people like you whom I really care about.

Guess there’s no refund coming from that one. DOUBLE FAIL. ┬áThe weird thing is that I had a totally bad vibe about Virginia from the beginning. Everything was fake, her manner, her eyebrows, cheekbones, boobs, and her “daaahlings”. But the real message is that I don’t need them. Everything else in my life I have created and manifested, and now it’s time for the Purple Frock to ride again. My way. (Cue Frank Sinatra if you like).

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