Harleys, Hernias, and Herpes

Picture this: a selfie taken in the bathroom mirror, guns flexed. That type.  I already know he hasn’t read my profile before contacting me, but I keep reading. Yep, it’s bad.

bayside69 isn’t seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment. Does not want children.  I like to wine and dine a lady than I think we all know what’s for desert (EWWWW! misspelling all his btw) I’m better looking in person I’m a hard ten love me Harley and me boys wanna know more or just catch up skip the dinner ;) If ur patient u will get ur turn. Plenty of time for all of use x

Ha. If I’m patient? It’s hard to know which is worse, bayside69 (oh dear) or Mr Gray Australia who really loves playing the pokies. “Please no ice addicts is my only request.” I’ve never come across ice, pokies and S&M in one paragraph before, but you can only marvel at Mr Gray. He’s a man who knows what he wants.

It also seems like a week of encountering the unmentionables..  A dude with the profile name “Upfront and honest” was certainly that.  The opening line of his profile was: “Now the part that will scare most of you off…. I have herpes, ok so 1 in 6 people do, it shocked me when I found out but hey thats what happens when your partner doesn’t tell you the truth. But you know what at least it’s nothing that will kill me and life is as normal as ever. I am still the same person just a little wiser.”  Now, if you met a cute stranger in a bar, would you tell him in the first five seconds that you have herpes? I appreciate the honesty, but…

One promising guy with an amazing smile waited until our first email to tell me about his recent hernia operation. So even  gorgeous guys get hernias. Somehow it killed my enthusiasm…Guys, there’s a time and place for revealing grisly details about your privates, okay? I thought you’d rather a picture of a Harley rather than herpes or hernias by the way.

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