Irresistible first date suggestions

Hilarious first date suggestions abound in the wonderful world of online dating, from men claiming modestly to be “possibly the nicest guy you’ll ever meet” to  a slightly more realistic “best damn cook in this part of the world” (perhaps a cul de sac in Cannon Hill?)

Some highlights that caught my eye have included: doing Tough Mudder 2015 (hardcore!) planning world domination while walking on a beach (a must!), buying $25 worth of scratchies for a “scratch and chat session” (novel), exploring the “unexplained” (too metaphysical for me!), grabbing a cold ei (I assume he meant coldie?), and believe it or not, a trip to Uluru. Now that’s a looooong first date! My  favourite though had to be… sharing a McDonald’s soft serve cone. Hey big spender. At least there’s no pig fat in the soft serve, (apparently), unlike the urban myths suggest.

What’s your most memorable first date? 

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