The Interview: A man with a plan.

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I’ve dated a lot of men with lists. Men who string a bunch of women along until they can decide on the best one to meet their essential selection criteria. We’re not really people to them, rather one of a few products with similar specifications.

There’s one particular guy who stands out, and I’m going to tell that story.

I saw him from across the road at the place and time we’d agreed on via the dating site, a pizzeria at 5pm. He was nice to look at, though his face lacked expression.

His first words to me were, “You’re just on time. That’s good.”

We awkwardly introduced ourselves, then took a seat and looked over the menu.

“There’s a special starting at 5:30. Let’s do that.” Those were his next words. Before I’d had the chance to agree, he had called over a waiter. He asked if they would be okay with starting the special early for us. They weren’t.

After briefly ridiculing the waiter for not changing the time for us, we spent most the next half hour on chit chat, waiting for the special to kick in.

Skip forward and we’ve ordered, the food has come, and we’re conversing between bites.

Out of the blue, the chit chat was over and he went full serious.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I like younger girls. It’s not like that, it’s like this. Girls my age are ready to have kids. When you get to my age, you’ll be ready. That’s when I will be ready.”

Conversation improved as the night went on, but I mostly answered questions and asked a few standard ones, as I was quite off put by his behaviour and rigid plan for both our lives.

At the end of the evening he offered to drive me home. He gave me some parting words before letting me leave the car.

“Well, you were a bit quiet to start with, but you got better toward the end of the date. Now, I’ve got a few more lined up, but once they’re out of the way I’ll let you know if you’ve made the next round.”

I didn’t look back.

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