A hard date’s night: Getting a firm grip.

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The moment our eyes locked, it was clear we had a strong mutual attraction. We were at the birthday of a mutual friend, and by the time we began to interact I was quite well socially lubricated by means of wine.

Conversation flowed easily and naturally, as it always does when I am wined up. There was just enough flirting to communicate interest, but not enough to indicate desire for what later occurred.

An hour or so passed, and it was time for me to move on to another event. Though I was sad to leave the intriguing gentleman, I’ve never been one to bail on friends for a man.

He offered to walk me out, and I thought, “How sweet!” My friend was to stop out front and pick me up.

Had I been less intoxicated, I may have grown suspicious by his request that we duck into the dark by the building and kiss. But I was quite drunk, my friend was still on the way and naively I followed.

We shared a passionate kiss as he pressed me against the wall and himself against me. He grabbed my hand and guided it down to his erect dick, that had been pulled out of his trousers.

“I think I just heard my friend. It was so lovely to meet you,” I called as I ran off.

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