The fish that John West (and I) rejected

After the midnight Spaniard’s no show, I stopped blindly agreeing to the dates the agency lined up for me over the following weeks. There were plenty of fish in the metaphorical sea, and some had to be thrown back.

Among the dates I declined were:
– A German electrician who just LOVED musicals. (They must have had me pegged as “likes foreign men”, but didn’t really get that liking musicals doesn’t mean we have anything in common, even though “music” does take up most of the word “musicals”.

- A Taiwanese sales man with rock star looks and ponytail (just my look, I was told!) who worked to live, not live to work. He liked to spend every possible second of his free time outside, especially by the water, on the water, sailing his boat, and even catching fish with his bare hands. He just couldn’t get enough of the outside sailing boating life. Small problem was a. with my Irish sun-cancer prone skin I get burnt fetching the mail from the letterbox, let alone being out on a boat all day. b. I have no interest in being out on a boat all weekend. After hinting that the Rock Star Boat Man might like to share his barehanded fish catching and weekend boating with someone who actually enjoyed it, that date thankfully fell through.

I arranged to go into Dating HQ to have my case reviewed (again!), my friends were pushing me to ask for a refund. Miraculously, Marcy no 3 was astounded to compute I really was well suited to someone who liked the arts, was educated, nearly but not gay and wanted kids. 

These people are meant to be pros. Geez.


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