Cityswoon Review: Part 2

Welcome to my  Christmas goodwill deed for the year folks. A number of people have read my not-so-positive review of my first Cityswoon night out, and I only feel it’s fair to report that I had a much better time on second attempt. Warning though, the bad nights out are the most entertaining stories, so this entry may be a bit dull!

Venue: Cityswoon – YES to Lychee Lounge in West End. It’s a place I’d actually go (compare to a dive across the road from Central Station) and having the place to ourselves was a bit of a coup. It’s a lovely place to hang, and I felt very comfortable there. My kinda place. 

Snacks: Thank you for moving away from the sausage rolls and miscellaneous deep fried snacks. Definitely classier than last time.

Phones:  It’s not bad to receive a message and photo of the next date (shows up those who try to get away with the 5 year old photo) but the “games” are pretty lame. They only serve to break the ice with unanimous agreement that they were lame.  Minor detail though. I still find the phones on distracting though, as it means other text messages and phone calls are coming in apart from the “next date” text.

The talent:  I really enjoyed the company of just about all the dates. No traumatised recent divorcees, all normal, decent, interesting dudes. I matched with about 7 of the guys, including my pick of the night, and had a really cool night out with him that week. Unfortunately, I read in their profiles the next day that most of them didn’t want children, which leads to…

Matching: Here’s the thing. I still don’t buy that these nights are particularly matched. I had dates with all but one there, and a couple (older than the age range) bragged about the last minute 50% off call to drag in more guys. Better than too many girls, but I don’t think you can claim then that the dates are carefully matched. Here’s one more important detail: a 39 year old woman who wants a family isn’t going to pursue a 45 year old guy who has had his kids, and has strongly decided not to have anymore.  I get that a woman in her late 30s who wants kids is a scary concept, but there’s just no point dating someone who just isn’t interested in family, or who “might reconsider for the right girl”. Well, I’d rather have a child by myself than with the wrong guy.  To be fair, the Cityswoon adventure nights moving around from bar to bar do attract bigger numbers, so I would assume the matching would be better on those evenings.

The verdict: A short face-to-face date is always so much better than a protracted hiding-behind-email chatfest, and Cityswoon is a good way of meeting a bunch of singletons in a cruisy environment. Huge improvement since it started, and if other nights are similar to this one, I’d recommend. Thanks for a fun night out Cityswoon!


The Lychee Lounge - The West End - Brisbane - Photo02



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